Tanzania: Garbage-Choked Z’bar Seeking Solution

AMID increasing filth in Zanzibar town caused by uncollected waste, authorities here say that municipalities are experiencing challenges in collecting and disposing garbage due to a shortage of trucks.

The Deputy Minister of State (President’s Office- Regional Administration, Local Government, and Special departments), Mr Shamata Shaame Khamis, informed the House that the government had taken measures to deploy trucks for the exercise as soon as possible.

He said jobless youngsters would be engaged to collect and deposit waste at identified sites, from which it would be picked by trucks for disposal at the central dumping site in Kibele village.

The deputy minister did not give details on the number of the trucks required for the task. Mr Khamis was responding to questions from backbenchers in the House of Representatives who raised concerns over uncollected waste and filth in the Isles’ municipalities.

However, the deputy minister blamed members of the public for making the town dirty due to inappropriate waste deposal from homes, streets and markets.

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