Somalia: Tropical Cyclone to Hit Somalia Thursday Afternoon

A cyclonic storm is in the making in the Gulf of Aden and is expected to hit the Somalia and Yemen coast within the next 7 hours, Meteorologist say.

Currently winds of up to 55 kph, gusts 65 kph, pressure 999 mb experienced.

“The major concern is the extraordinary volume of rain likely to pour down in a very short period of time, causing massive flash floods, destruction & displacement warn FSNAU & SWALIM” FAO in Somalia tweeted.

Northern Somalia coast and Djibouti expected to be impacted by the tropical cyclone moving westwards along the Gulf and bring exceptionally high rainfall totals to a usually very arid region.

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the uncertainty in the track of this cyclone means that it is not clear whether the heaviest rain (and most severe impacts) will fall in either Southern Yemen, Northern Somalia, and there is a low risk that it may impact upon Djibouti over the coming weekend.


Severe flash flooding and river flooding across the region will lead to a loss of human life, livestock, and the destruction of crops, property and infrastructure.

Very heavy rainfall occurring across Western Yemen (linked to, although not directly from the cyclone) is likely to promote cholera infection rates in the weeks ahead.

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