Tanzania: Govt to Pump in U.S.$87 Million to Address Regional Water Shortages

Dodoma — THE government announced yesterday that it would implement a 195.98bn/- (70 million euros) water project to address water shortage in Morogoro Region, whose current demand rotates at 45,000 cubic litres per day.

Deputy Minister for Water and Irrigation, Jumaa Aweso, said currently the state is waiting to sign a deal with the French Development Agency (FDA) in relation to that. “The agreement seeks to improve service provision in the municipality,” he further said, adding that the agency would support the expansion of the Mindu Dam and construct a Water Treatment Plant there and as well instal lines from Tumaku to Kingolwira, besides rehabilitating the water infrastructure.

The Deputy Minister made the remark while responding to a question fielded by Morogoro Urban Member of Parliament (MP – CCM), Abdulaziz Abood, who sought to know when the project would be implemented and at what cost. “There have been positive trends by the government to address shortage of water in Morogoro Urban. Unfortunately, some areas including Kihondam Tungi, Lukobem Mkundi and Mindu continue to face water woes,” he said.

In the development, Special Seats MP (CCM), Dr Christine Ishengoma, in addition wanted to know the status of current water production units in the region. Details from the ministry said Morogoro Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA) produce at least 34,000 cubic litres of water daily, while the actual demand of the municipal is 45,000 cubic litres, creating a deficit of 11,000 cubic litres every day. “We have adopted long and short term plans to ensure we address this challenge.

In our short term plan, during the 2017/18, the government allocated 2.5bn/- to improve service in the area,” he added. Mr Aweso said it would involve constructing pipes and pump stations in a stretch of 41.9 km to benefit at least 17,000 new customers in Kihonda, Kilimanjaro, Mkundi, Yespa, Kiegea and Kihonda north.

However, he said the government has tasked water utilities directors countrywide to replace postpaid water electric meters with the prepaid ones to avoid overcharging their customers. Mr Aweso further said about seven water utility bodies have now started the process and he expects others to follow suit in the new strategy

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