Tanzania: Hope for Kidney Patients As Special Funding Planned

AN appeal has been made for the establishment of a special funding facility for kidney patients, whose treatment requires a lot of money inside and outside Tanzania.

The call was made by kidney patients gathered in Dar es Salaam yesterday, at a special party to mark the World’s Kidney Day, which was organised by TMJ Hospital.

The medical institution organised the party for the patients as part of its spirited resolve to provide care and comfort for the helpless and sick people in Tanzania.

Speaking at the function, Chairman of kidney patients Union, Syed Chambala called on the government to set up special funding facility that support treatment of kidney and related diseases, which most of the patients could hardly afford.

Retired Army Officer, Major Sauka Nguluo Kullaya, one of the patients who attended a get-together party said “Currently, kidney patient spend around 1 million every week for cleaning up blood (dialysis services)… most of the people requiring this services are poor and cannot afford such high treatment cost.” The government should come in support of kidney patients, whose number were increasing day in, day out, besides rising cost of kidney treatment, said Kullaya.

Another patient, Teddy James, asked the government to design special priority to kidney patients, by stepping up special mechanisms to support their treatment, suggesting that all kidney patients should be enrolled in the national insurance scheme, as “this would make life easier for these patients.

” She also recommended to the authorities to put up kidney services delivery centres across the country (at zonal levels) in order to relieve thousands of kidney patients from multiple burden–high treatment plus transport cost from remotest areas to Dar es Salaam for services.

Martin Sebalua, also a kidney patient said “Instead of taking patients to India for treatment, it is time now for the government and health sector stakeholders to think of setting advanced technologies to treat patients within Tanzania.” For his part, TMJ Hospital Managing Director, Dr Jafferji said the hospital was more than committed to improve dialysis and related services and set up advanced technologies for treatment of kidney problems, including kidney replacement/transplant and other problems.

“People should not worry… permanent solution to kidney problems is coming very soon. Patients will be treated here in Tanzania, thus save billions of money which had been used for treatment of kidney patients abroad,” said TMJ boss.

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