Tanzania: Facts You Probably Didn’t Know That Will Blow Your Mind

Some lions climb trees? May be you saw them on Television. Well, what you saw was a shot from the Lake Manyara National Park; the home to world’s only tree climbing lions, but not Ruaha National Park, where we have the home to largest population of wild elephants in all of Eastern Africa.

Tanzania is home of Kihance Game Park where Spray toad (amphibian) give birth (instead of laying eggs), be a witness and in the list of those who have seen the toads today. The Eighth Wonders of the World is the Serengeti National Park and just in your doorstep when you land in Tanzania? Stop watching over the TV, visit the park now!

With approximately 39 million people, about 132 tribes of Tanzanians speak one language of Kiswahili; learn it here now before you visit the entire East Africa Community (EAC) where the language unites all.

Countries share food, flora and fauna, and several other things. But have you heard of any country that shares its national anthem? Tanzania does. With South Africa and Zimbabwe and it’s titled “Mungu Ibariki Afrika” (God Bless Africa) and was composed by Enock Sontonga.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a world in itself, with a staggering five different types of climatic zones, from hot tropical forests to arid snowcapped peaks. In comparison, the whole of the US has a total of 7 climatic zones.

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