Govt Backs Out From Funding Ghana’s Friendlies

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The Ghanaian government has stated that they will no longer foot the bill for the Black Stars’ friendly matches.
The Ghana senior team is reportedly lining up friendlies against Iceland and Ivory Coast in the next international window.
The match against the European team is set to be funded by Iceland’s FA, as they look to play against opponents who will prepare them for their 2018 World Cup group stage clash with Nigeria.
Ghana are seeking funding for the proposed second game against the Elephants, but the country’s Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Pius Hadzide, says the government won’t be coughing up.
“As a country we have decided not to play any friendly match that we will have to spend on. We have communicated to the FA that if any country wants to play us, they will have to bear the cost.
“Ghana is a big football nation, so any country that wants to play us will have to pay well. It shouldn’t bring a loss to us, no. Friendly matches should profit us not [make a] loss.”
Hadzide told Tidesports source.

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