Tanzania: China Hails Local Media, Magufuli On Anti-Corruption

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Tanzanian has commended the efforts by the fifth phasgovernment in fighting corruption in the country, saying other countries need to learn from Tanzania.

The Embassy’s Minister- Counsellor, Mr Xu Chen said yesterday during his tour of the Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN) headquarters, a visit which among other things aims to strengthen good friendship and cooperation between the countries.

He said that his country has also been intensifying anti-corruption war. He said China has at least five strong institutions that are involved in the graft war.

He said the anti-corruption institutions work jointly with office of the Attorney General, among other public authorities. He urged other countries to learn from China.

“We commend President John Magufuli for showing great commitment in fighting corruption in the country. He has been doing everything in his power to intensity the war for the betterment of the people,” he said.

He advised TSN journalists who normally go for exchange programmes in China to learn more about anti-corruption fight and publish as many stories as possible to educate the society on the matter.

On his side, TSN Managing Editor (ME), Dr Jim Yonazi said that the company is ready to share knowledge regarding the anti-corruption war, which is in-line with other burning issues.

He added that TSN has become a creative institution which focuses on profit making, sharing information and promoting the company in a modern way.

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