Eritrea: Enthusiastic International Women’s Day Commemoration

Asmara — March 8, International Women’s Day, was commemorated nationwide with different activities under the theme “Women’s Empowerment- Prelude to Equality”.

In a statement it issued connection with the Day highlighting the significance of the event in the struggle for women’s emancipation, the Union underscored that it is a reminder for renewed pledge to exert the required effort for the development of women.

Noting that the EPLF right from the early days of the struggle had placed gender equality among the top pillars of the independence struggle, the statement underlined that the achievements registered to-date are not to be viewed lightly.

In concluding remarks, the statement called on Eritrean women to struggle for still greater achievement in the domain of education and thus play due role in efforts to consolidate development programs.

Meanwhile, Eritrean women in Demam, Saudi Arabia, and different cities in Switzerland commemorated International Women’s Day with enthusiasm and diverse activities.

Similarly, different activities have been conducted in the Central, Gash Barka, Anseba and Southern regions in connection with March 8, International Women’s Day, under the theme “Women’s Empowerment- Prelude to Equality”.

At the seminars conducted in the Central region from 1 to 6 March, Ms. Senait Lijam, gave briefing on the International Accord known as CEDAW that bans all forms of discrimination against women and advocate the participation of women in all sectors.

Ms. Lewhat Arefaine from the Ministry of Justice on her part called on women to increase their understanding on law instead of seeking justice when they only face problems.

At the event held on 5 March in Geleb, Anseba region, briefing was provided on the significance of the event as well as the role of women in all sectors. Speaking at the event, the Governor of Anseba region, Mr. Ali Mahmud, underscored the heroic feats demonstrated by Eritrean women during the armed struggle for independence and safeguarding national sovereignty.

Likewise, more than 950 women members of the Keren Municipality and Public Technical Service in the region and students of Keren and Rora high school carried out environmental sanitation popular campaign at the Keren Hospital and Martyrs Cemetery.

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