Don Charts Path To N’Delta Dev

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A key stakeholder in the Niger Delta, Dr Mike Emuh has listed measures towards achieving sustainable development in the oil rich Niger Delta region.
Speaking with The Tide, shortly after attending a stakeholders meeting on restructuring at the instance of the South South People’s Assembly in Port Harcourt, Dr Emuh said the greater threat to the development of the region was lack of unity of purpose.
He said, “It is only in the Niger Delta that the leaders operate in disparities and division. There are many splinter groups with vested interest and ambitious agenda.
“It is right time we come together and speak in one voice to bring the Niger Delta region from the present state of under development.”
He said groups operating under various appellations such as, Traditional Rulers of oil producing communities in the Niger Delta, (Tromcom), Pan Niger Delta Development Forum, among others should come together and operate on a unanimous accord, noting that such bond would strengthen the region against every formidable foe.
Dr Emuh, who is the representative of the oil bearing communities on the board of the Hydro carbon, Pollution remediation Project, (HYPREP), also stated that the implementation of the UNEP report on the Ogoni environment was on course and called on all stakeholders to contribute their quota towards the smooth implementation process.
Dr Emuh also called for the remittal of the fund meant for the development of the oil producing communities by the federal government.

Taneh Beemene

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