Zimbabwe: Firm to Receive Over 500 Refuse Trucks

Local environmental concern, PCF Waste Management Company, is set to receive over 500 refuse trucks and skip bins from FAW Zimbabwe to complement local authorities in refuse collection. PCF, which is partnering local authorities in refuse collection, is setting up an effective solid waste management strategy, amid concerns that councils were struggling to manage waste largely because of inadequate and malfunctioning plant and equipment.

PCF is aiming to collect garbage in all residential areas to ensure a clean environment.

It has since concluded an agreement with Msasa-based trucks manufacturing company FAW Zimbabwe, which has availed more than 500 refuse trucks and skip bins.

“After our last meeting on your proposal to provide total waste management to all councils around the country, we are glad to inform you that Massbreed Investments t/a Faw Zimbabwe has agreed to partner with a forward thinking organisation like yours,” said FAW director of operations Mr Patrick Masocha in a letter to PCF.

“We would supply you with refuse trucks and skip loaders to enable country wide coverage.

“This is the beginning of a huge partnership that will change waste management in the country and we are proud to be part of this history making.”

PCF chief executive Mr Vengayi Muchina said the waste management venture will create thousands of jobs.

“PCF Waste Management has been designed to create employment for local residents. More than 6 000 jobs are going to be created through this venture,’ said Mr Muchina.

“The project will create positions of street marshals, inspectors and refuse handlers in every town.”

Mr Muchina added that training has already started.

“This venture between local companies that strives to see a cleaner Zimbabwe is exciting and brings about national pride.

“The Government has been lobbying for a cleaner and safer environment and is demanding a clean Zimbabwe. This partnership will operate at an international level.”

The development comes in the wake of an outbreak of diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera and diarrhoea in major towns and cities.

Mr Muchina said PCF engaged partners in Canada and the United Kingdom.

“We have also engaged professionals in fumigation and another local reputable cleaning chemical company to combat challenges associated with refuse collection.

“We are working on the eradication of Cholera and typhoid to save lives. We shall be giving out phone numbers to the public for them to report uncollected or illegal waste dumps for quick removal. “

Waste Management has emerged as one of the greatest challenges facing Zimbabwe.

The volume of waste generated continues to increase at a faster rate than the local authorities’ ability to improve on the financial and technical resources needed to parallel this growth.

Local authorities are struggling to manage the waste due to inadequate and malfunctioning equipment as well as inefficient collection practices.

Other factors affecting the local authorities to deal with waste are lack of environmental control systems; open burning of garbage and indiscriminate illegal dumping and littering.

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