South Africa: #CapeWaterGate – the Figures Prove That Capetonians Are Saving Water

We’re not entirely sure where the 60% of water-wasters are hiding, but the City’s own figures show that Cape Town’s residents responded to calls to reduce usage, and have been hitting the targets set by the City.

The City of Cape Town recently claimed in a press release that 60% of Capetonians were not meeting the monthly target of 10,500 litres of water per household required to keep its taps running past April. However, analysis of the data on Cape Town’s Open Data Portal shows that Capetonians have cut water consumption dramatically. Its figure of 60% could be the result of a rounding error.

To analyse the data, we compared water usage in April 2017 to that in December 2017. We excluded suburbs without data, leaving us with a total of 550 suburbs, which includes a surprisingly symmetrical 566,566 households.

In April, the average household was using 13kl of water a month. Some suburbs – and you’d be right in guessing they’re at the top end of the market – were using 22kl. On the other end of the scale, Delft recorded a median of only four kilolitres per household per month, although such a surprisingly small…

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