Namibia: Egyptian Doctors Start Operations

Visiting Egyptian doctors will conduct operations at the Katutura Intermediate Hospital and the Windhoek Central Hospital from today.

The 16 doctors arrived on Saturday at the invitation of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church in Namibia, in collaboration with the ministry of health.

Ministry spokesperson Manga Libitha told The Namibian yesterday that the ministry was drawing up a list of patients who needed urgent attention.

The doctors will be visiting patients at the two hospitals, and will also give lectures at the University of Namibia’s School of Medicine.

Yousef Saad, a surgeon with the health ministry, explained that the mission was similar to the one held last year in February.

Among the specialists are oncologists, vascular surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, dermatologists and physicians.

The team also has senior pharmacists, who will donate medicines and medical equipment to hospitals.

“They will be here for a full week, and are seconded to the ministry,” Saad added.

Katutura Intermediate Hospital’s medical superintendent, Dr Fady Ashmawy said the doctors would attend to patients with serious cases such as cancer, joint problems and skin diseases. “We have daily heavy loads at our hospital. There are already some cases (patients) who have arrived from other hospitals.

People with joint problems are welcome to come for operations,” he said, noting that all operations will be done this week. Ashmawy added that the specialists will return to Namibia in three months’ time to treat new cases and attend to those who do not get an opportunity to be treated this week.

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