South Africa: There Is No Allegation of Corruption Against Myciti

It distresses me that the MyCiTi project is subjected to often flippant, ill-informed and often woefully inaccurate reporting that portrays the project as riddled with corruption. This is simply not true.

I live in a city that moves differently – thanks to the vision and hard work of City officials, political leaders, dedicated subcontractors and 78 million people who have “voted” by paying their bus fare for an efficient reliable, safe commuter transport service.

I am an accidental politician. I never imagined being elected to public office and I never sought to serve in an executive political leadership position. At the same time, I am also extremely proud of the role that I have played in the success of the MyCiTi bus service.

Sadly, I also never imagined that my name – or any project with which I am involved – would ever be associated with any wrongdoing, never mind linked, in even the most tenuous manner, with totally false and often malicious allegations of corruption.

It has been my greatest honour and privilege to serve Cape Town since 2011 as the Mayoral Committee Member responsible for implementing South Africa’s flagship Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), the public transport transformation project…

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