Burundi: ‘Fuel Will Be Available Within Three Days’, Says Ministry of Energy

Since last Thursday 11January, many of the gas stations in Bujumbura town are not providing fuel. Long queues of vehicles are seen at the few gas stations that have fuel. Léonidas Sindayigaya, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy and Mines reassures: “Fuel will be available within three days.”

Sindayigaya reminds that Burundi imports fuel and that it takes a long process to arrive in Burundi. “Fuel is not produced in Burundi. It takes time to import it,” he says.

About some drivers who have raised the prices for transport fares, Sindayigaya denounces fraud and speculation. “Those who increase transport fares are either speculators or just fraudsters.”

He appeals to the administration and police to collaborate so as to discourage such a bad behaviour.

A repetitive fuel shortage has been observed since last year and no clear cause has been given so far.

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