Tanzania: Alleged Oil Thieves Netted in Dar es Salaam

POLICE in Dar es Salaam are going on with investigation in a bid to establish the amount of fuel that has been lost after criminals illegally connected a pipe from a Kigamboni residential house and drew fuel destined for Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA).

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ by phone yesterday, the Acting Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Mr Benedict Kitalika, said that a thorough investigation is underway to discover the amount of oil stolen before arresting any other suspects involved.

He said that already five suspects are in custody for interrogations in connection with the oil theft. The suspects include the owner of the house from which the pipe was connected drawing oil from the TPA pipeline, Mr Samwel Kilanglani (63), who is a former staff of the Tanzania Zambia (TAZAMA) oil pipeline company.

“The suspects were arrested yesterday at Kigamboni, immediately after the theft was discovered. The names of other suspects have been withheld for investigation purposes,” he said.

The arrests were coordinated by the Dar es Salaam special zone police and the TPA. The suspects were tampering with the diesel underground pipeline, taping some of the flowing diesel to their tanks beneath the house.

The police intervened after being tipped off by Good Samaritans who were alarmed by leaks from the pipeline. On Tuesday, after the suspects were arrested, the Commander of the special unit at the port, Mr Robert Mayalla,

said it was possible that the suspects connected their pipe during construction work of the TPA oil pipeline, basing on the fact that it was difficult to do so when the pipeline was operational

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