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Simon Oliver, Chair of Kenton on Sea Ratepayers Association. Image: Kosra web

The Kenton on Sea Ratepayers Association (Kosra) wants Ndlambe Municipality to prepare a budget solely for Kenton as a means of accountability.

“We want Ndlambe to prepare a budget for Kenton so that the municipality can be held to account for various service delivery essentials before taking on projects that should be municipal-funded. This is not easy as the municipality prefers to consolidate all the towns in its municipality so that it is impossible for any town to hold it accountable,” Chair of Kosra, Simon Oliver, said at the Annual General Meeting of the organisation that was held late in December.


The annual general meeting, at which issues were discussed and priorities for the forthcoming year were agreed on, was held in a less formal manner than in the past after a proposal by Oliver was accepted.

Oliver reported that Ndlambe Municipality paved or slurry sealed some of Kenton’s roads during the past year and potholes were also repaired. Garden refuse was now being dumped at WOT compost on the R343 and at a site near Bushmans sponsored by Ndlambe. As the Iwars Recycling initiative no longer received government support Oliver urged all present to support Iwars to make it viable and sustainable. Details of what and where to recycle are on the Kosra website. Builders’ rubble still remains a problem as Ndlambe is making no effort to control illegal dumping according to Oliver Ndlambe had engaged with Chester Wilmot to tidy-up some of the illegal dumps. “Their modus operandi is to clean up rather than have a sustainable plan that they enforce. Kosra will continue to engage with them to try and find a solution that suits all parries,” Oliver said.

The Kosra Committee is monitoring the 90-days progress reports that Ndlambe must provide in terms of a decree from the High Court and Kevin van Huysteen was thanked for all the legal advice and services provided.

The meeting also approved the current assertive approach by the Committee towards Ndlambe.

Collaboration with the Chamber of Business (CoB) has been approved and Oliver indicated that he had discussions with the CoB to investigate the possible merger of the two organisations. The CoB, however, was concerned that Kosra’s court case might sour their relationship with Ndlambe and therefore suggested to rather work together on projects of mutual interest. An example of this was the success of the restructuring of the Kenton town gardens at the initiative of Nita Pollock and Shirley Usher.

Oliver reported that the KOS security project was operating 24/7 throughout the year and was effective in reducing crime and appealed for ongoing funding for this project as it enabled residents and visitors to enjoy a relatively crime free holiday while in Kenton. An amount of about R150 000 is needed annually.

Oliver also thanked the members of the community policing forum for the work they do to protect our community.

A ratepayer proposed that despite the success of the security project, it must be recognized that the unemployment and poverty in parts of the Kenton community, would continue to make security problematic.

Oliver said that he was working on a project with the support of a consortium from Germany, Ndlambe, CSIR, DST and Human Settlements to build a community centre in Ekuphumleni which would recycle water and provide solar heating. This project would create a number of work opportunities and help uplift the community.

The proposal by Oliver that future KOSRA Committees would evolve and members would be co-opted as and when required rather than by election at annual general meetings was also accepted.

To deal effectively with community projects Oliver suggested that He therefore suggested that an “Association not for Gain” be set up, which would finance specific projects decided on by Trustees, after discussion with the funders and the community. He said that many holiday makers who were bombarded with requests to donate were not sure that their contributions were being used correctly but that such an association would reduce suspicion.

Oliver said, “Kenton is a microcosm of society in South Africa and if we did this right we could be an example of how to resolve the many issues which impact on our communities and might create an environment in which we could all prosper.”

A “Special Rates Area” (SRA) to fund capital projects which are not funded by Ndlambe, is also on the cards. If approved by the required majority of homeowners Ndlambe would collect funds from homeowners, for the benefit of the homeowners and managed by a committee appointed by homeowners.

David Lawrence, representing the Carriage Cove Residents Association (Carriage Cove) indicated that the advent and behavior of the “Peachy Beach” operation was unacceptable to Carriage Cove. “Unless Peachy Beach co-operated, legal action would be instituted to close the facility down, despite its permit from Ndlambe,” Lawrence said.

Roger Carthew called on al1 residents to take pride in their surroundings, and clean up and beautify areas around their homes, while Glenda Webster asked for volunteers prepared to assist with wildlife protection and monitoring to contact her.

Oliver said that the memorial plaque above Shelley Beach which was removed without authority will be replaced but the owners of the site, the Bushmans Kariega Trust, would not allow any further memorial plaques to be installed in that area.

To allow Kosra to support Ndlambe in providing the services that homeowners desire it was essential to increase the annual members’ fee and the meeting suggested that it be increased to Rl000. Oliver said that the committee is trying to increase the number of homeowners that are members of Kosra.

The meeting was adjourned after a vote of thanks to the chair and his committee was proposed and accepted.

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