Nigeria: Govt to Automate Goods Inspection to Reduce Export Rejections

The Federal Government has said the automation of produce and goods inspection is one sure way of reducing the rejection of exports from Nigeria in the international market.

Speaking at the 31st Conference of Directors of Produce Inspection Services in Lagos, recently, the Director of Commodities and Products Inspectorate of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Mrs. Omololu Opeewe, stressed that scientific produce inspection had been identified as a major criterion for high quality produce to guarantee enhanced access of several Nigerian exportable agricultural produce to the international market.

Mrs. Opeewe said the rejection of Nigeria’s agro export in the international market; especially the EU; had had a very negative impact on the perception of the country overseas.

To reverse this trend, the director revealed that the Federal Produce Inspection Service (FPIS) was set to establish a world class laboratory that would have the capacity to test for Aflatoxins contamination, moisture content and some microbiology parametres necessary for our produce going out of the country.

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