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By Saunders Jumah

Fellow citizens of Malawi,
At the granting of independence of our nation on July 6 1964 ethnicity was swallowed with a motto “Unity in diversity.” The tribes of Nyasaland then were dissolved to be Malawians. One race, one nation.

We have lived as such for decades, we were a nation that cherished hard work and toiling.

Those that prospered and became successful pat themselves on the shoulders for sweating a good cause.

When democracy arrived; sweat, hard work and toiling ran away.

You have to be in the ruling party to get contracts or become millionaires. You need to be loyal slaves of the ruling elite for you to live peacefully and happily. You have to be a bootlicker of the top rulers for you to skip justice.

This is the Malawi we have come up with after one party state system.

Today we will continue exposing abuse of power, corruption, nepotism and Lhomwenization of the Republic of Malawi.

Ever since Peter Mutharika became the president of the Republic of Malawi in 2014. Thieves have been discovered to be in the government while innocent souls are languishing in prisons.

85% of cash gate suspects are untouchables in the DPP government, this includes the top if not the entire Executive branch of the ruling party.

Anti Corruption Bureau busting body has no power to apprehend the appointing authority otherwise they will lose their positions. Police cannot arrest it’s own commandant.

The 35% that fell down with Joyce Banda are at the receiving end while those in government that got involved in Cash Gate are suing government for compensation of about 1.4 million US dollars for wrong arrest, just because they are in the ruling party.

Today we are told that lending interests rates have been reduced from 24 to 18% by Reserve bank of Malawi, inflation rate has come down to 9%, a boost to the economy only to realize that this whole process is farce and fake; the president’s nephew Mr. Dalitso Kambabe who is doing all these damages as a governor of Reserve Bank of Malawi is actually the nephew of president Peter Mutharika.

The board member of MACRA and Chief Executive Officer of Malawi Enterprise Development Fund Ms. Mervis Mangulenje is actually the side chick or girl friend of Chief State Secretary Mr. Lloyd Muhara.

Cash Gate suspects that are of DPP are untouchables, Richard Makondi is one of them, till now he has not been apprehended. Overnight millionaires in the likes Minister Kondwani Nakhumwa and president’s confidant Ben Phiri are richer without sweat in the country.

Malawi has stopped to be enjoyed by all citizens as diversified as we are supposed to be, all influential key positions that were held by non-Lhomwe tribes have been demoted or replaced by the Lhomwe tribe. Director of Tobacco Control Commission was demoted and got replaced by a Lhomwe.

These are some of the evils that Malawi has become as from 2014. Most people that have lost their jobs due to ethnic affiliations are feeling stateless and half citizens.

This is the most hurting lifestyle Malawians have not experienced ever since independence. In 1985 teachers from the north were removed from the rest of the country but they were teachers. Teachers only! Today it is influential and key positions in the government.

The government must know this is the worst and most dangerous to the plight of the nation.

DPP and president Peter Mutharika must rescind and diversify the nation in disregard to tribe and region.

Failing which 2019 is too far before citizens start reacting and responding.
Government must balance the allocation of positions in the government so that a rainbow must be seen to unite the country.

A nation without critical thinkers die, a nation of “Yes man” do not progress.

President Peter Mutharika denunciation of violence in Area 23 today is very deploring. He did not condemn violence instead he ignited more violence.

In his statement he backed the provoked for reaction and revenge first before he denounced it.

This indicate that the president support violence perpetrated by his cadets as he mentioned them.

We however appeal to the government to rectify and address these ills and stop driving this nation into anarchy and espionage.

Backing cadets is like sending them to harm and increase the spate of violence in the country.

We appeal to President Peter Mutharika to condemn and not at all condone corruption, nepotism and cash gate in our midst in the country.

No nation will develop with such attitude and malpractice.

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the Publisher or the Editor.


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