Sudan Agricultural and Minerals Potentials Remain Largely Untapped, Says Diplomat

Khartoum – (Muawad Rashid –Neimat alNaiem) In the context of Sudan Vision creating distinctive relations with the diplomatic corps working in Sudan, Managing Editor

Muawad Mustafa Rashid and the Senior Reporter Neimat alNaiem had paid a visit on Thursday 14th September to Malaysia Embassy in Khartoum to congratulate with the Malaysia Day celebrations on 16th September 1963. His Excellency Mustafa Hj Mansour Malaysian Ambassador to Sudan highlights, in a full text of an interview conducted by Sudan Vision to be published in the coming days, the long history of Malaysia, the formation of this developed country.
Ambassador Mansour explained how Malaysia of today was first formed as the Federation of Malaysia where Malaya had achieved its Independence from the British on 31st August 1957 later known as Malaysia on 16th September 1963. He explained how Malaysia became one of the most developed countries in Asia. He added that Malaysia is a country of tolerance pointed to the different religious and ethnic groups.
H.E Mustafa Hj Mansour described the bilateral relations between Sudan and Malaysia as strong and developed in the fields of business, investment as a promising sector, pointing out to the role of PETRONAS as a pioneering company working in the field of oil; adding that PETRONAS has and will have a tangible role in oil explorations and production in Sudan.  He explained that there are more than two Malaysian companies will come to invest in Sudan. He called for more development in Tourism in Sudan for its real role in Economy.   He had visited most areas of Sudan Darfur , Kordofan , the Red Sea, Kassala , the White Nile, the River Nile with its tourist attractions and archeological sites, expressing his real excitement with all parts of Sudan describing them as the most  secured, safe areas he had ever seen during his diplomatic career.
The Malaysian Ambassador to Sudan described Sudan as a promising country in different fields pointing to the huge potentials of Sudan. He expressed his real surprise when first came to Sudan since two years and more ago, the multiples and great resources of Sudan, as water representing in the Nile and other resources, minerals, desert. He said ‘Sudan has a lot to do with these resources and to present a lot to the world not only its people in terms of food security”.  He added that despite all these resources t there are not enough trees in Sudan.
The ambassador sent through Sudan Vision a message to Malaysian companies to enter into businesses in Sudan, affirming that Sudan is a safe state.

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