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Zoweinta/Palala, Bong County – The standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, has said there will be a new Liberia under his government if he gets the nod to become president in the October 10 presidential election.

“I am promising you that under my leadership, the face of our country, Liberia, is going to change. We are going to get out of stagnation and backwardness, and move our country onto the path of progress and prosperity. We can do it. We, the Liberian people, have the capacity to change the circumstances of our lives,” he said at a rally in David Dean’s camp, Bosein District, Bong County.

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This new Liberia, according to Cummings, will be “a Liberia with opportunities for all, and where everybody is taken care of”, explaining: “We will have a society that is caring and compassionate and expresses solidarity. Nobody is going to be left behind. We are all going to march together, hands linked together, to that great future that beckons us, here in Liberia.”

The ANC political leader assured the citizens he would implement his policies and campaign promises to the latter and improve the standard of living of Liberians.

The ‘new Liberia’, under an Cummings-led ANC government, the standard bearer indicated would be one that will not discriminate against any tribe, ethnic or religious grouping in the country.

My promises are not election gimmick

Cummings said he is above making promises as a mere political gimmick.

The ANC political leader assured citizens of Bong County his promises to make Liberia a better place for all was not just a campaign message to win votes.

He said to the people of David Dean’s town, Palala and Zoweinta in Bong County during a rally that the ANC has a competent team to execute all the promises made to Liberians on the campaign trail.

“All these promises, I have come here to Zoweinta to let you know. These are not election gimmicks. They are not empty promises. If I could not do them, I would not stand before the people of Liberia and say I am coming to do it. I know the ANC and I, we have worked out what we need to do. We know we can do it,” the ANC standard bearer said.

“That is why I have the courage to stand before you to tell you I am coming to implement these policies, all of them so we can bring jobs to our young people.”

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