Z’bar, Mauritius pledge to enhance ties as top leaders meet

The call was made by Mauritius President, Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, when she paid a courtesy call on Zanzibar President, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, at State House here yesterday.

The two leaders discussed matters of mutual interest and agreed that the long-standing cooperation between the two island nations should be enhanced to strengthen economic development.

Dr Ameenah said Zanzibar and Mauritius shared common features and it was thus important they work together and share expertise as well as experience in key economic sectors like agriculture and tourism.

Among key areas of cooperation highlighted by the guest and host include the development of the sugar sector, with Zanzibar set to benefit from Mauritius’ know-how, elevating it to one of the world’s largest exporters.

Dr Ameenah said Mauritius had achieved huge success in agricultural research, particularly the production and processing of sugarcane and the development of the sugar industry and was ready to support Zanzibar on that front.

The discussions also covered cooperation in tourism and transport sectors. Dr Ameenah underscored the importance of enhancing air transport to allow tourists move between the two Isles.

Tourism contributes significantly to the overall economic growth of both Zanzibar and Mauritius and the envisaged cooperation is sought to facilitate and boost the number of tourists visiting the two Indian Ocean archipelagos.

President Shein expressed gratitude to Dr Ameenah for her readiness to work with Zanzibar in various areas of economy and vowed to strengthen the existing good relationship.

Dr Shein said Dr Ameenah’s visit was an expression of her commitment to foster cooperation between Mauritius, Zanzibar and Tanzania in general.

He said Zanzibar had many lessons to draw from Mauritius, particularly the sugar economy and manufacturing, but also stressed that both nations should address the impacts of climate change, which pose a big threat.

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