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 MBABANE – The lack of technical expertise from local private personnel has stalled filing of an application of an air space licence to provide daily flights to Maputo.

Ligwalagwala Airways – a 100 per cent Swazi owned company – which recently secured a lease agreement with an international operator that will rent out a 50 seater airplane has blamed the lack of experts, especially in the private sector, on the delayed application of an air service licence to the regulator.

Executive Director Mpendulo Dlamini disclosed that the lack of expertise has prompted them to heavily rely on South African consultants.         
“Most of the people on the ground do not understand the aviation industry. I am using on a South African consultant, which makes coming up with the documents a bit slower,” disclosed Dlamini.    

The name of the plane, that Ligwalagwala Airways intends to operate in the kingdom soon after receipt of approval, is an Embraer 145 which was manufactured in 2016.
The company which had set aside E12 million investment capital and pronounced an ambitious target to provide the 20 minute flight to Maputo from the King Mswati III International Airport, estimated to cost approximately E2 500 for a return ticket – probably in December 2017 – lamented that costs were likely to rise due to the heavy reliance on services beyond Swazi orders.

It should be mentioned that this was the same date in which the Ligwalagwala Airways, which had promised to employ up 15 people when they open shop at KMIII International Airport soon after being granted the licence.

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