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No one hopes to be involved in a car accident but the truth is, accidents happen on a daily basis. No matter how conscious you are about obeying the rules of the road, you still have to rely on your fellow road users to do the same. This is why it is important to have vehicle insurance.

Stefan Plaatjie, a sales consultant at King Price Namibia, believes car insurance is a basic necessity for every vehicle owner. “It is important to have your car insured so that in an event of an accident you are not alone, you will have an insurance company to get it fixed for you.”

Plaatjie added that vehicle owners need to know the importance of car insurance policies. He also stated that getting car insurance gives vehicle owners peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to their car, they are covered financially.

“Any insurance policy is a helping hand and the masses need to understand the benefits of insuring their assets,” Plaatjie said, stressing that car insurance does not only protect your car but also any cars you may get in an accident with.

Plaatjie shared that the primary benefits of insuring your car is the financial peace of mind you gain from the coverage. The specific benefits you receive differs based on the types of coverage you obtain.

Common examples entail legal protection, insulation from huge expenses and preservation of value.

Plaatjie discouraged the belief that some car owners associate with insurance companies as a money-making scheme. “Some people do not have insurance policies for their assets because they think insurance companies just want to make money from them, which is not the case. Insurance companies are there to help protect your assets and the perks of having car insurance are enormous,” he said.

Marcus Mathews, who did not have his car insured when he was still a student, stressed that a car insurance policy is important because it helps people speed up the process of getting their cars fixed in events of accidents.

“I struggled to get my car fixed when I had a minor accident in 2015 but had I gotten my car insured, it would have been fixed a lot faster,” he said.

Frans Mbundu bought his car last year and has it insured. He says this gives him peace of mind, knowing his car is insured and that he has a helping hand should any accident occur.

“I drive confidently knowing my car is insured, I am at peace knowing my asset is covered,” said Mbundu.

Plaatjie concluded by stating that a car insurance policy does not only protect you and your car from accidents on the road but, depending on what type of coverage you have, can protect you against many other factors.

“Many insurance policies can even cover the medical expenses of other parties involved in the accident and damage to non-moving objects,” said Plaatjie.

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