Some pupils not interested in test to enter school of excellence

Pupils from different schools have sat for a test that will allow them to study at school of excellence. Some private schools have not sent their pupils to do the entry test.

Pupils sitting for a test at Ngagara Lycée

A national selection test for grade 6 pupils who want to attend schools of excellence has been done this August 30th 2017. Among the visited schools, several pupils were absent.

In Mukaza commune, all the best grade 6 pupils had to go to Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero where the test took place. Out of 194 pupils that were on the list, only 141 came and 8 pupils who were not registered sat for the test.

In Ntahangwa commune, out of 369 candidates waited, only 315pupils were present plus 15 pupils who were not registered.

Niyungeko Léopold, educational director in Ntahangwa commune says some schools have not presented the list of their candidates “Some headmasters did not bring the list of their candidates and the latter were not registered.

Interested best pupils who have presented their school reports were allowed to sit for the test and the reports will be verified later”. For him, there are even some schools that have not been represented especially private schools.

Niyungeko says the absences of pupils are due to the conception of schools of excellence by some school directors and parents who do not encourage the best pupils to do the selection test.

This is the 2nd year that the national test to enter the school of excellence is done. Niyungeko Léopold, in charge of education in Ntahangwa commune says despite the small challenges they met, schools of excellence in his commune are doing well.

Whereas last year, only the 1st pupils of grade 6 class were allowed to compete, this year, the best three pupils have been allowed to do the selection test.

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