Poultry show set to attract many investors

The organisers told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that the number of exhibitors in this year’s exhibition is expected to double because the objectives of the show were being realized as the event enters a third year.

Tanzania Poultry Show Organizing Committee, Secretary Manase Mrindwa said the exhibition attracted 15 exhibitors three years ago when the event started. This year 30 participants have registered for the next third event in October.

“The fruits of the poultry fair, if measured by participation and visitors, have started to be realized. “The show turns up to be a meeting place for poultry keepers, feed suppliers and tech-savvy,” Mr Mrindwa, who is also a Secretary General of Tanzania Poultry Breeders Association (TPBA), said.

According to him, the numbers of participants are expected also to increase to 3,000 from 2,300 of last year, which was also up compared to 2,000 in 2015.

He said this year financiers will participate in order to learn and understand the poultry industry and make better decision when lending keepers. Looking over the shoulder, the organisers said, the fair has elevated poultry and feed productions after learning new modern technics.

“The fair also increases cooperation among various associations dealing with poultry business… actually we are in final stage of forming an umbrella association,” Mr Mrindwa said.

The poultry industry has eleven members but nine are registered while two are in the registration process. The registered nine are Tanzania Animal Feeds Manufacturers (TAFMA), Tanzania Commercial Poultry Association (TCPA), TPBA and African Agro Network (AWAN Tanzania).

Others are Ufugaji Kuku Dar es Salaam (UFUKUDA), Arusha Poultry Keepers Association (APOKA), Umoja wa Wafuga Kuku Morogoro (UWAFUKUMO), Tanzania Veterinary Para- Professionals (TAVEPA) and Mwanza Poultry Multi- Purpose Cooperative Society.

The two on registration process are Tanzania Layer Farmers Association (TALFA) and Tanzania Broiler Farmers Association (TABROFA). Under the country law and umbrella organization is registered after having ten member associations.

The poultry umbrella body will be known as Poultry Association of Tanzania (PAT). The stakeholders are also expecting to attend fair’s sideline seminars on various issues regarding challenges and success stories.

Poultry keepers, feeds manufactures, processors, traders on poultry value chain inputs and so forth are expected to attend the poultry show and presentations.


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