Masari Calls For Better Executive, Legislative Relationship In States –


Katsina State governor, Aminu Bello Masari has stressed that the
success of government or otherwise principally depends on the nature
of relationship existing between the executive and the legislative

Presenting a paper to EMIC 10 participants of the Institute of
Security Studies, Bwari-Abuja, Masari noted that since the autonomy of
each organ is constitutionally sanctioned, it is wrong and dangerous
to assume that either could be seen as a junior partner.

The governor stated that eachorgans has constitutional prescribed
functions, powers and privileges, adding that consultation, rather
than confrontation must and should always characterize the relation
between them.

Speaking further on the paper titled, ‘Executive-Legislative Relations
and the Challenges of Democratic Consolidation and Development in
Katsina State,’ he maintained that an executive-legislative relation
is one of the defining aspects of a presidential democracy.

Masari disclosed that since 2015 when he was inaugurated as Katsina
State governor, institutional autonomy, cooperation without
compromise, and interdependence has characterized relationship and
interactions with the state legislature.

He noted that clear separation of powers and maintaining the autonomy
of each of the two branches of government are among the sacred
principles of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Masari maintained that the cordial relationship, which the two
branches of government in the state enjoy since 2015, has become a
great facilitator for the remarkable strides which the government has
made in human development, blocking leakages and ensuring greater
accountability and transparency.

He continued: “Today, democracy is not only stronger in Katsina State,
but also the government has gone far in improving the conditions of
the people, reviving education and agriculture, and generally
fulfilling our campaign promises.

These achievements would not have been possible without the
cooperation, support, and productive interdependence that exist
between our government and the state house of assembly.”


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