Hicham El Guerrouj Reaffirms He Made Donation to Berkane’s Slaughterhouse

Rabat – Moroccan athlete Hicham El Guerrouj has once again stated that he donated MAD 2.5 million to support the construction of Berkane’s slaughterhouse, which has recently been accused of operating in unsanitary conditions.

After the controversy surfaced in early August, the athlete released a statement saying that he had made the large donation to support its construction and was disappointed with the results. This claim was subsequently denied by the municipality of Berkane.

On August 23, the former athlete published a second post on his official Facebook account, where he reaffirmed that he made the large donation to the slaughterhouse.

“Following the statement issued by the president of Berkane’s Municipality, I would like to highlight the truth in order to avoid misleading public opinion and the city’s residents,” said El Guerrouj.

He said that the municipality’s statement contained a number of fallacies and lacked evidence to prove the validity of their claims. “Unfortunately,” he added, “the most shocking thing was the ingratitude which was represented in the speech of the municipality’s president.”

“I announce publicly that I have donated MAD 2.5 million in order to complete the slaughterhouse project. He who asserts must prove and he who denies must take the oath,” he stated.

“I am waiting impatiently for the truth to be announced.”

After a video was shared on social media featuring butchers in Berkane denouncing the unsanitary conditions at the slaughterhouse, El Guerrouj published a post on his Facebook account on August 10 expressing his dismay at the deplorable situation of Berkane’s slaughterhouse.

El Gurreouj said that he was truly disappointed to see the state of the slaughterhouse in his city Berkane.

He explained that he had made a donation of MAD 2.5 million in support of the slaughterhouse construction.

“I was told that it will be built in the best way possible,” he wrote.

He added that he was grieved to see such footage of the slaughterhouse, especially as the city’s residents would pay the price.

In response, Berkane’s municipality issued a press release on August 18 refuting El Gurreouj’s allegations.

The municipality claimed that the athlete had not made a MAD 2.5 million donation to the slaughterhouse. The same source added that Berkane’s municipality and council unanimously approved the slaughterhouse construction’s cooperation in 2009, but El Guerrouj did not sign the project agreement.

“We have not received the financial support from the second party [El Guerrouj],” stated the municipality.

The city’s municipality added that the competent authorities have been contacted in order to conduct an investigation on the subject of the donation.

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