FrontPageAfrica Newspaper – NOCAL, Africabio Enterprise Donate US$11,200 Equipment to Phebe Hospital

Bong County – Phebe Hospital, one of Liberia’s oldest medical centers has received a boost to its health services through a donation of laboratory equipment made to them by Africa bio Enterprise Incorporated with support from Liberia’s Oil giant National Oil Company of Liberia.

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The cost of the equipment is placed at US$11,200 and follows a project initiated by Africabio Enterprise Inc., which is aimed at identifying the best Laboratory in Liberia for the year.

The total cost of the project was placed at US$15,000, an amount fully provided by NOCAL.

Speaking Tuesday in Suakoko, Bong County at the endowment ceremony, Africabio Enterprise Incorporated Vice President Clarine Simpson Vaughn, said the project was geared at helping improve the laboratory condition of its best choice.

According to her, Phebe Hospital in Bong County, central Liberia was best suited amongst several health centers to benefit from the project.

As a result of Phebe laboratory being viewed as the best laboratory of the year, it was presented some modern equipment including CYANSmart Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, CYANCoag Coagulation Analyzer, CYANStrip Mini Urine Strip Reader and associated accessories, reagents and controls.

The CYANSmart is an easy-to-operate semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer, a new vitro diagnostic instrument designed to have powerful features in a compact, independent unit.

At the same time, the CYANCoag Coagulation Analyzer is a compact and accurate coagulation analyzer whose mechanical detection system is used to track down the developing coagulum through changes in viscosity, while the CYANScript Mini Urine Reader, a portable urine stripe reader with a large color touch screen and comprehensive data management software provides accurate readings and quick printouts of results.

Madam Vaughn indicated that the equipment were bought base on assessment and inquiry carried out by Africabio which showed that Phebe Hospital was in need of the procured items.

With the supply of this equipment, Madam Vaughn believes, the hospital will be on par with Tapita Hospital in Nimba, John F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia as well as other medical institutions outside Liberia in relation to quick diagnostic and treatment.

She lauded NOCAL for fully supporting the process which she considered as a significant effort in improving health delivery systems in Liberia.

Receiving the items on behalf of the hospital, the Medical Director at Phebe Hospital Dr. Jefferson Sibley named it as a boost to health diagnostic complications faced by the center.

Dr. Sibley said the equipment is far more advanced than current ones being used in the Phebe Lab adding that it can diagnose problems faster and safer.

“These lab equipment can diagnose health problems instantly, regardless of their size. So we are very delighted and the equipment will raise the hospital profile,” Dr. Silby said.

Unlike the equipment provided by NOCAL Support project, the Phebe Medical Director noted that the equipment that was previously used by the hospital had been creating delays in diagnosing health complications.

He expressed regrets over poor services being provided to health centers across Liberia, highlighting Phebe as one of those highly affected.

Dr. Silby said Phebe as an age-old trainer in health services is far lagging behind in having the necessary equipment to train its medical students.

“Phebe is the oldest in providing health services training, but it will interest you to note that there are students in the Laboratory Technician area who are unable to do their practical perfectly due to lack of necessary equipment,” Silby intoned.

At the same time a member of NOCAL Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Ambulah Mamey expressed NOCAL’s delight in meeting the needs of Phebe Hospital through the donation of laboratory equipment.

Mamey stated that the role of Lab Technicians in the health delivery system of Liberia is critical and cannot be overemphasized.

He said the efforts of these service providers are mostly not appreciated in Liberia because of their first-hand roles in health delivery which are sometimes not recognized.

“Lab Technicians play a critical role in the health sector and their efforts are not really recognized because they are at the front end of diagnosing the problem and once the doctor provides treatment, all praises go to them,” Mamey said.

According to him, NOCAL believes that celebrating the work of Lab Technicians without providing them support through the provision of necessary equipment would not motivate them in doing more for health delivery in Liberia.

Mamey maintained that the provision of quality equipment to the laboratory sector in Liberia would reduce mistakes made by lab technicians which sometimes result in death.

“We are pleased as an oil company, not involve in health issues to come and identify the need and come to make a very meaningful contribution, regardless of the size of the equipment but we are going into a new world where the size of a machine does not determine the impact,” Mamey stressed.

Mamey registered that NOCAL looks forward to discovering oil in Liberia to bring smiles to the faces of Liberians, and at the same time called on the management of Phebe Hospital to use the equipment for its intended purpose.

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