Arsenal’s legend: Arsenal are in absolute shambles

CAIRO – 29 August 2017: Arsenal’s veteran player, Ian Wright spoke on August 28 on Arsenal’s disastrous performances in the first three games of the English Premier League (EPL).

Speaking to BBC Radio 5, Wright criticized Arsenal’s performances and the way things are managed at the club. Wright also talked about the future of Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger.

Wright said, “When you go through the list of everything that is going wrong, and you have got to throw in recruitment – whoever is doing the recruitment, someone is got to have a massive, massive word – it is in absolute shambles and I am really gutted for everybody involved,” citing from Goal.

Speaking on Wenger, Wright said, “He is literally a hermit to the game. He goes home and he is probably on his phone. It is all football and more importantly it is all Arsenal. You do feel it is almost like his blanket, his comfort blanket. If he has not got Arsenal, I do not know what would happen to him. I do not know what to say about his future and what is going to happen with him now,” as reported from Goal.

Arsenal lost two of the three games they played in the 2017/2018 EPL season. The team started off with a tough 4-3 victory against Leicester City, before losing their last two games against Stoke City and Liverpool.


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