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MBABANE – “Manzini Wanderers power struggle is discouraging to say the least.’’
These are comments made by seasoned Manzini Wanderers striker Mfanafuthi ‘Taribo’ Bhembe yesterday.

This comes after Manzini Wanderers Chairman of Directors Bheki Shongwe said the idea behind transforming the team to an association was not properly done and he was ready to challenge whoever voted for the change.

The chairman further said if they continued to be an association, he should be refunded his money, which he claimed was around E500 000.

Chairman of the National Supporters Committee Majayivane Dlamini, in response to Shongwe’s outburst, said they were better off without him because he was not there for the team when they needed him the most. Dlamini further said the reason they changed the team to an association was to allow almost everyone to have an input in the running of the team.

The latest coming from the Wanderers camp is that most of the players are not happy with the current situation at the hub city based team.
Bhembe said the differences between the directors will have a detrimental effect on the players in the start of the new season in two weeks time.
“This is affecting us as players mentally and otherwise. For a team to be successful, it must have proper administration structures. It’s very discouraging to say the least when you see this happening. We plead with the Wanderers directors to sort this out before the season kicks-off,” Bhembe said.

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