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MBABANE – To ensure that every pool player gets the chance to play for a ticket to the Chinese Eight Ball Masters, pool is set to have a meeting this Sunday.

The rare opportunity to compete internationally once again in eight years has ignited positive interest from players but Billiards Association of Swaziland (BAS) interim President Muntu Dlamini wants a meeting convened. “We are still trying to coordinate a meeting for this Sunday in which all active pool zones in the country are to send representatives as they will be in charge of the  national play-offs for in their respective places but every pool player in the country is qualified to join,” he said.

He said since publication of the China opportunity last Saturday, he had been flooded by phone calls from players who couldn’t wait for the play-offs.
“Regardless of the numbers we have for the national play-offs, in the end we will take the country’s top five who will then travel to South Africa next month for the Eight Ball Masters South Africa main qualifiers to China,” he explained.

He said that once any of the top five players qualify in the main qualifiers in South Africa, the trip to China will be fully sponsored by the Halliday Promotions who presented them this rare chance since the 2008 World Cup Swaziland hosted.

However, Dlamini said the meeting would be confirmed in due course as they had limited time before the main qualifiers later next month.

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