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Malawi national football team coach Ronny Van Geneugden has asked Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to recruit a video analyst who will be reviewing opponents’ previous matches to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

The request is contained in a report which the coach and his panel submitted to technical and youth subcommittee recently, according to the subcommittee’s chairperson James Mwenda.

RVG (with ball) has added video analysts on his wish-list

Soon after being appointed, the coach also proposed for the recruitment of a psychologist, physiologist and dietician to help improve the players’ mental and physical aspect.

“The request for inclusion of these experts is also in this report and an explanation as to why we need them. The subcommittee will look into the proposals and then strategise how best we can work out a solution,” he said.

Mwenda said Flames players watch games of their prospective opponents, but argued that without a video analyst, it is difficult for them to appreciate the opposition’s tactics.

“Watching a match and analysing it are two different things. According to the coach, we need a technical person who will be deeply analysing opponents tactics,” he said.

Quizzed if FAM can afford to recruit such experts, Mwenda, who is also the soccer governing body’s vice president, said they are devising a plan to be hiring them on temporary basis.

“They will not be full-time employees, so I think, it will not be a financial burden,” he said.

Flames assistant coach Gerald Phiri Snr said if FAM approves the proposal, the Flames would improve their performance.

“What the coach is simply saying is that we need to improve the way we prepare for matches. Most successful teams world over have such experts. So, we also need to follow the trend because such experts enhance the players’ performance,” he said.

Flames are expected to take part in a mini-tournament which begins in Morocco tomorrow.

Ironically Malawi’s next match—the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier—will be against Morocco in March next year.

Malawi is paired in group B of the qualifying stages whose other members are hosts Cameroon and Comoros. n

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