Pmb’s Health: Need To Strengthen Islamic Medication – Dr. Bebeji –

By Abdulrazaq Yahuza Jere, Abuja

In a bid to explore more ways to strengthen the good health of President Muhammadu Buhari, the need to include Islamic Medication has been stressed.

An Abuja based Islamic doctor, Dr. Jamil Nasir Bebeji made the call while appreciating the current health condition of the president in Abuja.

He said although the current health status of the president calls for celebration, there is also the need to strengthen preventive measures.

According to him, being a true Muslim believer, he should seek more medical attention from Islamic medical doctors who were highly known by their profession.

“All praise be to Almighty Allah for the return of our dear president in good health. His medical trip abroad is commendable especially with the way mischievous makers were disgraced by seeing him healthy and hearty. But still we advise those in charge of his health to strengthen his health through the Islamic way of medication. Our noble Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him gave Muslims ways for treating several categories of diseases which was only known by professional Islamic doctors. There were different unconfirmed reports from almost nooks and cronies of Nigeria that President Buhari is battling with poison. If it is such, we have one Islamic medicine that can prevent or cure poison without any hesitation. When you take it, even if you are throw into the sea of poison you will not be affected,” said Dr. Bebeji.

Shading more light on how they process medicine, Dr. Jamil Bebeji who is also the chairman of Al-Yusra Islamic Health Ventures said they do exactly what the Prophets of God taught.

“We keep advancing in research on daily basis about diseases and their treatment Islamically. We are making the use of what was revealed to the Prophets of Almighty Allah about diseases, its treatment and prevention. We have various treatment in line with the Prophets traditions, from our noble Prophet Muhammad up to Prophet Abraham may Allah be pleased with them. So, our way of medication and its validity is not new to the world,” said he.

Dr. Jamil also said as the religion that matches any society, Islam allowed Muslim to seek medical attention from anybody irrespective of religion bigot, added that “unless the one that if you go to him will ask you to disbelief Allah or His Prophets or make you to do something that is forbidden in Islam. Disease and its treatment is the will of Allah, don’t allow any creature to make you disbelief your creator, the Almighty Allah.”

He recalled that Nigeria is a blessed country with abundant professional Islamic doctors who has been impacted positively to the life of citizens and stated that their association, Islamic Initiative on Spiritual Therapy and Family Health Awareness (IISTIFHA) under his chairmanship is working out modalities to drift away ghost Islamic doctors from the profession.

He then called for more prayers to the leadership of the country at all levels, saying “you don’t curse your leaders rather, you should pray for them, if not you will definitely be at the suffer end”.

Dr. Bebeji also supports the new command given to the service Chiefs by PMB to address all issues threatening the unity of Nigeria as an indivisible and indissoluble country.


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