Minister of Education Makes Assessment Visit to Zagora Province’s Schools

Minister of Education Makes Assessment Visit to Zagora Province’s Schools

Rabat – Mohammed Hassad, Minister of Education, paid a visit to Zagora on August 14 in order to evaluate the province’s educational institutions. The visit formed part of the planned reforms intended to improve education conditions in the kingdom’s urban high schools.

Hassad stopped by several high schools situated in the province, including the Imam Malik and Idriss Al Aoual high schools, where he discussed the challenges faced by the schools’ teachers, students and directors.

The minister explained that “the aim of this visit is to communicate directly with the schools’ officials and to listen to their suggestions which seek to strengthen the educational regime in the province.”

Hassad also pledged to “adopt strict disciplinary measures” against institutions which might obstruct educational development in the Zagora province.

Since he took office in April, Hassad has been seeking to fulfill his reform plans before the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year.

The minister visited also Oulad Merzoug’s bioclimatic school, which was inaugurated in 2014. The bioclimatic school is “unique of its kind because it is built in harmony with its environment,” said Hassad.

He added that the construction materials used in building the institution were in line with those used in local houses in Skoura, a palm grove situated 40 kilometers away from Ouarzazate.

Earlier this month, the minister of education announced that 55 new schools would be opened across the kingdom, including 26 in rural areas and 10 boarding facilities. He added that other educational establishment will be expanded, and that the ministry aims to construct 1,948 additional classrooms as soon as possible.

The minister also plans to renew 13,543 schools and improve the classroom environment, notably by changing schools’ equipment, including students’ tables, paintings, blackboards, and teachers’ desks.

Hassad also intends to fight overcrowded classrooms in public schools, which make learning a huge challenge in Morocco. He outlined a strategy to reduce the number of students in class, aiming for 30 pupils per class in the first grade of primary schooling and 40 per class for the five other levels.

Improving students’ linguistic skills is at the heart of primary education strategy. The minister plans on introducing French classes in the first year of primary education.

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