Hired guns killing African democracy – PF

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Mwila has cautioned emerging African opposition leaders to stop the retrogressive trend of insulting sitting presidents as a way of advancing their political ambitions.

And the PF has handed over the presidency of the Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) to Nigeria in line with the organisation’s principle of rotational leadership.

Mr Mwila, who is the immediate past president of CAPP, said in a statement from Sudan yesterday that the culture of insulting sitting presidents by some overzealous young opposition leaders will not deliver the much-needed development on the continent.
He called for what he termed ‘Africanisation’ of democracy for it to deliver development for African states whilst taking care of continental value systems and backgrounds.
“There is a worrying emerging trend where young African boys take turns in insulting a sitting president in a country on the African continent, in the name of democracy.”
“It is happening where small boys – sponsored voices, articles for hire, puppets of imperialism can literally insult their head of State old enough to be their father. This is not the democracy Africa needs,” Mr Mwila said.
He said democracy should be used for the good of Africa as opposed to demonising sitting presidents by those seeking political power.
“We have no problems holding each other accountable but let us remind ourselves of our common value system that makes us Africans. We can all agree that democracy is not a uniform concept where ‘one size fits all’,” Mr Mwila said.
Meanwhile, Mr Mwila has called for closer collaboration among African countries.
 “As I hand over the baton to Nigeria, I want to emphasise the need to strengthen our co-operation with the African Union and Pan-African Parliament in advancing our agenda for a poverty-free Africa, continent free from the burden of hunger and diseases, illiteracy, evils such as racism, ethnicity and xenophobia, and an agenda for a continent free from exploitation by imperialist forces,” he said.
Meanwhile, the CAPP general assembly has lauded the PF and Zambia for providing leadership to the continental body since its inception in 2013.

News – Zambia Daily Mail

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