Battered woman asks for reconciliation

AFTER embarrassing his wife by beating her in front of his mistress whom he brought to his matrimonial home, a 28- year-old man of Kitwe has now realized his mistakes and has pleaded with his wife to forgive him.

Before the Kitwe local court was Agnes Mutale who sued Greenwell Chama, 28, for reconciliation.

Mutale told the court that the two got married in 2015 and have a child together and problems in their marriage started when she was about to give birth.
She said when she gave birth, she had serious complications for which she was admitted to hospital for one month while her husband was away.
Mutale said during her admission to hospital, her husband never visited her or the child until she was discharged from hospital.
She said when she went home, she never found her husband, but he came back home later in the night with his lover and that when she tried to confront him over his behaviour, he beat her and sent her packing.
She pleaded with the court to reconcile them because they are both living with HIV and have a responsibility of taking care of their child.
In his defence, Chama told the court that he failed to visit his wife when she delivered their child in hospital because he was away in Ndola for work.
He pleaded with his wife to forgive him and promised not to mistreat her because he still loves her.
Magistrates Fredrick Ndhlovu and Royd Chinda reconciled Mutale and Chama after proving that the two still love each other.

Court News – Zambia Daily Mail

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