Elections / 2017: Infrastructure, education, health top MPLA candidate speech

Speaking in the mass rally, in the framework of the campaign for the elections of 23rd of this month, João Lourenço, began by reiterating the commitment of the MPLA government, if it wins this IV polls, to continue investing in infrastructure in the road transport sector.

After emphasizing the importance of the region in the party’s electoral strategy, he spoke of the need for the interconnection of right with the provincial headquarters (Province).

Regarding infrastructures, he also referred to the investment made in the energy sector in other parts of Angola, in the sense of electrification and transportation to consumption centers, whether domestic, industry, agriculture and all other sectors of the country.

In this sense, he made reference to the inauguration of the Laúca Hydroelectric Plant, made by President José Eduardo dos Santos, on Friday, adding to the Capanda and Cambambe, and has contributed to increase supply in this area, in which this region becomes the first to benefit.

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