Election2017: Opposition UNITA pledges efficiency in the judicial system

This was said by UNITA member David Mendes, during the State-run National Radio of Angola (RNA) broadcast, as part of the 10-minute airtime awarded to each contesting political party under the ongoing electoral campaign.

According to David Mendes, the justice system is a pillar of the Lawful State and the factor of stability with a great responsibility in public and social affairs.

He stated that the main purpose of the reform of the judicial system is to get Angola affirmed the the truly law-abiding State and ensure people’s access to justice.

According to him, with such a reform, UNITA intends to ensure the citizens’ constitutional right to legal information and access to justice, regardless of financial statuses.

The reform, according to the politician, also seeks to equip the judiciary system with new technologies the courts, promote

mediation and arbitration the alternative conflict resolution mechanisms.
In the 2012 election won by the MPLA party, UNITA got 1.0 million votes that earned it the 32 parliamentary seats.

THIS ARTICLE IS A TRANSLATION FROM: http://www.angop.ao/angola/en_us/noticias/politica/2017/7/31/Election2017-Opposition-UNITA-pledges-efficiency-judicial-system,57bb01f8-c8a8-46df-b81e-f9b61aa6b533.html

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