Election2017: Opposition FNLA pledges to reduce maternal, infant mortality

The National Liberation front of Angola (FNLA) party.


Lucas Ngonda was speaking on the State-run National Radio of Angola, during the broadcast under the ongoing electoral campaign ahead of the forthcoming August 23 general election.

According to FNLA leader and presidential candidate, i tis a must that conditions be put in place for children to be born healthy to avoid maternal death.

he also said his organisation stands for the fight against misery, poverty and other social evils.

Lucas Ngonda mentioned settling the basic social concerns facing the Angolan population like electricity, water, housing, education and others the being high on his party’s agenda, should it win the election of August 23 this year.

Six parties are contesting the general election of this year. They are the ruling MPLA party and opposition UNITA, FNLA, PRS , APN and CASA-CE coalition.

In the country”s first multi-party election of 1992, FNLA elected five MPS. But it the 2008 polls, that number fell down to three and to two in the latest ballot of 2012.

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