Cuanza Norte: Caculo Gourd represents hope for better future – governor

The official who was speaking on the sidelines of the awarding of the construction contract for the Caculo Gourd dam, located in the commune of saint Peter of Quilemba, in the municipality of Cambambe (Cuanza Norte), considered the act a landmark for the province, given the energy sector represents in the development of the national economy.

On the other hand, Economy Minister Abraão Gourgel considered the beginning of the construction of the Caculo Gourd dam and the inauguration of the Laúca dam acts that will mark the reactivation of the sectors of industry, mines, agriculture and others.

The inaugural ceremony, led by the President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos, was attended by the Vice President of the Republic, Manuel Domingos Vicente, the Chinese ambassador to Angola, Chi Jinping, entities of the central government and the provinces of Cuanza Norte and Malanje.

This is Angola”s highest hydropower plant, with 2,172 megawatts (MW), to be built within five years by the CGGC (China Group Corporation) and Niara Holding consortium, is some 490 billion Kwanzas

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